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About Somnath Temple

The Somnath temple of Lord Bholenath on the west coast of the Indian state of Gujarat is a huge and picturesque shrine. Somnath temple of Lord Shiva shows and represents the skill of cutting, polishing and giving the right frame of Sompura Salat in Somnath. The standing temple of Lord Shiva is built in the style of Chalukya style or "Kailash Mahameeru Prasad" in which the Sompura Salats had a great mastery. This 15 meters high temple of Bholanath, which purifies the heart and purifies the soul, is a wonderful example of architecture.

Wondrous and chapters geological knowledge :

When you go to the visit of Somnath Temple then surely you see a pillar. The name of that pillar is Bhanastambh. The specialty of this pillar is that on this pillar there is a circle of earth on it and an arrow is sunk in it. That arrow was sunk in such a way that if you go in the direction of that arrow in the sea, then you will not able to found earth till Antarctica.

Somnath Temple Compound :

There is a green beautiful attractive garden in outside compound of Somnath temple. At the time of coming out of the temple, at the time of an evening, there is a different fun of watching the sunset, the rising sun working its redness on the waves of the sea, and gradually reducing its light from this temple of Lord Shiva. It is lost in the sea. It is a very attractive attraction. During the evening, you can enjoy the abundant sea waves, sitting on the cold sand of the seashore. If you are with the family then yourself and children can horse riding Camel riding. You can also enjoy horse at the beach like Mumbai Zuhu Chopati. You can enjoy Makai, Panipuri, Pavbhaji, Chana Chorgaram, Coconut water, Popcorn on Somnath Temple Beach. Never plan to bath in a sea as the sea is very dangerous and there is always a risk of drowning.

Somnath Temple Aarti Timing :

The time of the Aarti in Somnath is as per the time is given below.

Mangala Aarti at 6:45 Am

Morning Aarti at 7:00 AM

Afternoon Aarti : 12:00 PM

Evening Aarti: 7 PM

There are also Special Aartis performed on days like Guru Purnima, Shivratri, Poonam but it has its own timing according to Muhrat.

List Of Most Important Places To Visit In Somnath Gujarat :

Bhalka Shrine:

It is said that Bhalka shrine is the place where the king of Yadav Lord Krishna was resting under a tree. Bhalka Shrine: It is said that Bhalka shrine is the place where the king of Yadav Lord Krishna was resting under a tree and the arrow driven by the hunter came in his legs and he died. Even today, in the Bhalka Tirtha Temple, the statue of Lord Krishna is in the same condition and the hunter is sitting at his feet.

Geeta Mandir : 

The biggest feature of the Gita temple is its 18-pillar, which has 18 chapters of the Shreemad Bhagwat Gita written on it. And the other special thing is that here you can see Lord Krisna's Footprints. That's a big deal. The idol of God placed in the Gita temple here is very beautiful and attractive. The Gita temple is situated in the Golok Dham. Golok Dham is the place where Lord Krishna had rested. In addition to the Gita temple, there is Lakshminarayan Temple, Baldev Cave, Bhimnath temple too. The Gita temple is 2 km away from the Somnath Temple. The Gita temple is situated on the bank of the River Hiran and it is easy to get auto rickshaw to get it.

Old Somnath Temple :

It is said by Bahato that the old Somnath temple is the original Somnath temple.When Rani Ahilya Bai dreamed and she was told that the self-revealing Shivling is said to be the real place, after that dream Rani Ahilya Bai established the old Somnath temple. After the New Somnath Temple constructed by Vallabhbhai Patel of Congress, the significance of the original Somnath temple was greatly reduced, but many Shikbhakat still goes there and performs the Abhishek.

Mode Of Transportations, Accomodation and Dining Available.

Understanding the importance of Somnath temple, the Gujarat government has done a very good job of connecting Somnath with every major city in Gujarat. The Gujarat State Transport Corporation's buses comes here from every major and small town of Gujarat. Somnath from Ahmedabad is very easy to reach by road or trains. The nearest airport to Somnath is Diu (100 km) Porbandar (140 km) and Rajkot 200 km. Hotels and halls of every type of budget are present in Somnath. Some of the best budget hotels in somnath are Hotel Somnath Atithigruh, Hotel Avadh, Triveni Sangam Atithigruh, Lilavati Bhavan, Maheshwari Bhavan.

Somnath Near By Attractions : 

  • Diu 100 KM
  • Sasan Gir 65 KM
  • Dwarka 232 KM